Michael Bloomberg Is Not Who He Says He Is On The Bully Pulpit

Or: Why is the capitalist at heart, Michael Bloomberg now claiming to be a socialist with a net worth as of 2019 $52 billion.

It escapes this author how a Self-Made Billionaire convinces so many that he is a Socialist when he is anything but that. You cannot believe one word that comes out of Michael Bloomberg’s mouth on the Political Stage. He has never done one thing in his life that would lend someone to even begin to think that he is a Socialist. He is lying and pandering to the American Public for his own personal gain.  He does not care one iota about the American Tax Payer, in spite of what he says publicly.

Boomberg is

  • a Globalist Businessman
  • Anti-Brexit
  • a lousy Mayor
  • in favor of tax breaks for the wealthy
  • anti Second Amendment
  • anti Bill of Rights
  • in favor of taxing the Middle Class out of Existence

After graduating from Johns Hopkins with a degree in electrical engineering and earning an MBA from Harvard, Bloomberg landed a job at Salomon Brothers in New York City, where he spent countless twelve hours per day counting out stocks and bonds in the bank’s vault. He eventually worked his way up the ranks and was named partner in 1972.

In 1978, he took a demotion and was put in charge of running the firm’s information technology division. But he stayed at Salomon for three more years until the company merged with commodity trading firm Phibro in 1981 and let Bloomberg go, along with a severance check to the tune of $10 million.

After leaving Salomon, Bloomberg decided to take what he’d learned and start his own company, originally called Innovative Market Solutions. The company aimed to make it easier for traders to wade through data. They eventually debuted the Bloomberg terminal (first known as the MarketMaster terminal), and Merrill Lynch purchased 22 of them, investing $30 million in the company.

The company, renamed Bloomberg LP, became widely successful throughout the ’80s and was worth $2 billion by 1989. Eventually, Bloomberg began branching out into other forms of media, including Bloomberg News and Bloomberg TV.

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